Standardized Phytoextracts
Product Part Used Specification Application Download PDF
Emblica officinalis Dried fruit Ascorbic Acid Antioxidant
(Amla) NLT 3% w/w
Gymnema sylvestre Leaf Gymnemic Acids Antidiabetic Download PDF
(Gurmar) NLT 25% - 75% w/w
Boswellia serrata  Oleo Gum Resin Boswellic Acids  Anti Inflamatory Download PDF
(Salai Guggal) NLT 50%-75% w/w by UV
Ocimum sanctum Leaf Tannins Cough and cold
(Tulsi) NLT 10% w/w
Curcuma Longa Root Curcumin Antiseptic
(Turmeric) NLT 95% w/w by UV/HPLC
Cassia angustifolia Leaf Calcium Sennosides Laxative Download PDF
(Senna) NLT 10%-60% w/w by UV
Coffea arabica Seed Chlorogenic acids Antioxidant
(Green Coffee Beans) NLT 35%-45% w/w by HPLC
Bacopa monnieri Whole plant Bacosides Memory enhancer
(Brahmi) NLT 20-45% w/w
Tribulus terrestris Aerial parts Saponins Muscle builder Download PDF
(Gokhru) NLT 20-45% w/w
Withania somnifera Root Alkaloids NLT 1% w/w Anti-stress and fatigue
(Ashwagandha) Withanolides NLT 1.5% w/w
Andrographis paniculata Leaf Andrographolides Hepatoprotective
(Kalmegh) NLT 10%-50% w/w by HPLC
Camellia sinensis Leaf Catechins Antioxidant
(Green Tea) NLT 40%-75% w/w by HPLC

We constantly update our product range to meet our customers' needs.  You can contact us if the list doesn’t contain the product that you require.

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