Neem Oil and Neem Cake
Neem Cake

Neem cake is obtained from neem seed kernel.  It contains several natural nutrients and is used as a natural fertilizer as well as a natural pesticide. 

Uses and Benefits:
  • Cost Effective
  • Better yield than conventional Urea and Fertilizers: It gives 15-25% better yield than most other fertilizers.
  • Rich source of NPK and other Micro Nutrients
  • In comparison to urea, which is a nutrients collector, neem cake itself contains nutrients that are required to maintain a healthy soil
  • Control of Nematodes and other soil pests.
  • Safe for earthworms
  • Can be used with other fertilizers/Urea simultaneously

    Nutrients Percentage



     (2.0% to 5.0%)



     (0.5% to 1.0%)



     (1.0% to 2.0%)



     (0.5% to 3.0%)



     (15 ppm to 60 ppm)



     (4 ppm to 20 ppm)



     (0.2% to 3.0%)



     (0.3% to 1.0%)



     (500 ppm to 1200 ppm)



     (20 ppm to 60 ppm)

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    Neem Oil:



    Neem oil is a botanical oil extracted from kernel of neem tree seed by Cold Pressing method or by Solvent Extraction. Avisor India uses the cold pressing technique as it  yields the purest neem oil, without the involvement of solvent.

    Neem Oil or Neem Seed Oil is a Brownish Yellow colour liquid, with a strong smell. Neem Oil is slightly soluble in water.  It has a pH value of 6.5 to 7.5.  It boils at more than 200 Degree C and freezes at 13 Degree C.

    Uses and Benefits of Neem Oil:

      Agriculture Use:  Neem Oil is used to manufacture neem oil insecticides.  It contains azadirachtin which effects over 600 species of pests including insects, nematodes, fungi and viruses and is safe to non target organisms like beneficial predators, honey bees, pollinators, fish, birds, cattle and human beings.

      Vetrinary Medicines:  Neem Oil has been used in Veterinary Medicines for pets and livestock since ancient times.  It is used to cure various diseases and is also used to maintain hygiene and treat wounds.

      Human Medicines: Neem Oil is also used as and in various medicines for human beings. The most common utilities are: Birth Control, Lice Control, Piles, Ulcers, Asthma and Skin Disorders.

      Cosmetics: Neem Oil is used in the preparation of various cosmetics and toiletries e.g. all purpose creams, hair oil, tooth paste, bathing soap, shampoo, face pack, etc

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